Merchants: Setup your PunchPie Account

I agree to PunchPie's Merchant Agreement

Merchants: Setup your PunchPie Account

Would you like to Publish the Store Now?

When you choose to Publish, you are creating an electronic rewards card that is available to your customers using the PunchPie App.
If you want to make changes to the text, colors or images, you will be able to do that later and publish the card again. The new card with all your changes will appear automatically in your customer���s PunchPie App.

Not ready to Publish yet? No problem. Your PunchPie program design has been saved and you can start it whenever you like by coming back to this page.

Your Secret PIN to use is

This is the 4 digit code that you will use to enter into your customer���s PunchPie App on their phones to authorize their punches or points. Please write it down or remember it.
When you go to the Dashboard, it is highly recommended that you create a PIN per employee so that you can track who is giving out punches and making redemptions for rewards. You will also be able to change your PIN if desired.